To ensure a pleasant visit to our hospital, please take note of the following hospital policies, and feel free to call or speak with us in person if you have questions.

Appointment Policies
To allow ample time for all patients and scheduled treatment and surgical procedures, we operate primarily by appointment.  Clients who arrive 15 or more minutes late for their scheduled appointment will be treated as a walk-in case and will be seen as time permits after the other scheduled clients have been seen.  Emergency cases shall always receive top priority, which is why occasional appointment delay is inevitable.  Please realize that we make a sincere attempt to see each client on time.  As the check-in process for new clients requires slightly more time, we recommend that new clients arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment, with previous medical records, to ensure an on-time appointment.  If records can be faxed ahead of time, this helps us to prepare.

If your cat is having lab work or a blood pressure measurement, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so that we can perform these procedures in a timely manner.

For your convenience, drop-off appointments are available.  A “drop off” means you could bring your cat at the time that works best for you and leave him/her with us for a few hours.  Usually we will ask you to drop off sometime in the morning so our doctors can examine the patient in between appointments.  You will be asked to fill out a drop off form to provide a brief history of your cat’s medical problem and to notate any questions or concerns you may have.  There is a day board fee for cats that are dropped off for examination.  Once a doctor has examined your cat, she (or her technician) will call you to discuss the results as well as diagnostic or treatment recommendations.  You may request an estimate for services at the time of drop-off but this will likely be modified after the doctor has examined your cat.  Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific time that your cat will be ready, as this is affected by both emergency and scheduled appointments.  If your cat needs to be ready at a specific time, we encourage you to schedule an appointment for faster service.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all second opinions and behavioral consults.  We schedule these appointments in longer time slots and will need you to give us advanced notice to avoid a cancellation fee.

Patient Arrival Policy
Although we make every effort to make our patients feel comfortable during visits, they may be a little uneasy about new people, new surroundings, and other cats.  To protect you and your cat from escape attempts or accidental clawing, we ask that all cats are placed in cat carriers before you exit your car and enter the waiting room.  A leash and harness are also an acceptable form of restraint and protection from escape.

If your cat has a cold or other possible contagious disease, we ask that you keep him or her in a carrier until instructed otherwise by a staff member.

Hospitalization/Boarding/Grooming Policy
For the safety of all animals in our care, we require that the FRCP vaccination be up to date for cats staying in our hospital.  Cats admitted for boarding or grooming must be current on vaccines and verification must be provided.  All new patients boarding or grooming must receive a complete physical examination by one of our doctors at their initial visit and then each subsequent year.  We evaluate every cat that stays within our care, even on an outpatient basis, so that we are aware of health and behavior issues and can provide for them appropriately.

Any patients admitted with external parasites such as fleas or ear mites will receive treatment to prevent their spread to other patients in our care, and owners will be charged for this treatment. 

If your cat is hospitalized for the treatment of illness or injury, we will communicate with you daily about their progress and provide and updated estimate for their care.  If you have not been updated on charges, be sure to ask for this information.  You are welcome to visit your cat at any time, but please call ahead so we can better accommodate you.

Payment Policy
We require full payment at the time that services are rendered.  If your cat is admitted to our hospital, we will provide you with an estimate for his or her care and will require a  payment deposit for the low end of the estimate at the time of admission.  For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, personal checks, and Care Credit (for charges over $250) as forms of payment.

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